The Trail Death Leaves…


What do we do?
Where do we turn?

Each day feels the same
No strings attached
No mess to clean up
Feels like a normal day
No thumping heart
No ferocious jealousy to guard what’s yours
A normal day until guilt intrudes.

Fans the glowing pain
Plays hide and seek with your emotions
Pulls pity along
Wants your all.
Your heart; Your focus
Dogs you as you swallow that morsel of eba
Dogs you as you open the shower
Dogs you as delight spread in your heart over your baby’s tactics
Dogs every thought
Wants your sighs… as though a collector
Plays God over simple tasks

The edge it brings
The anger it develops
The wound it ripens
The frustration it spreads
The annoyance with who won’t commiserate
Hear hear

Dead worry?
Only the living does
Where do you put your worries?
In a reflection
As a daily guidance

Dogging your steps
Pushing you to live more
To dare more
To love more
To risk more
To give more
To surrender more
To accept more
To embrace more
To push farther

Ecclesiastes 7:2 says
It is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting: for that is the end of all men; and the living will lay it to his heart.

Take heart for death has not won the victorious
It has laid the victorious to rest

The soothe it brings
The clarity it establishes
The joy it unfolds
The assurance it brings
Like a drizzle of water over smouldering coals
Hear the sizzle as each ember dies
Hear the swoosh as peace envelopes your worries
Hear the freedom as red becomes grey
Hear hear

The burgeoning
The nourishing it provides
The ease it sprays on each day
The bounce it adds to your step
The courage it gives your applications
The soothe it adds to conversations
The openness it guarantees
You longer carry that dull ache, now you soar as you fondly remember
Your reminiscing now flows with chuckles
Your recollection no longer tainted with guilt or worries or denial
For your beloved is in a better place and it is all you want to talk about
Oh the adulation!

Death is perfection
It is where it all ends
The strivings
The mediocre
The zeal
It ends with death
And starts with God

This is where the fun begins
This is where you say aha!
This is relish
The joy
Knowing Whose you are and to Whom you belong

The musings end
The music begins
The pain’s gone
The abundance begins
The pressure’s off
The relief begins

Yes, it’s a final exit.
But it is the beginning of the very best.

The end.

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