Steve Gambill – Prayer


In this post, I have shared my personal notes and jottings from listening to Steve Gambill’s message with the above title.

  • Let prayer be your first option not your last resort.
  • Pray first thing in the morning and last thing at night
  • Pray before you open your mouth, pray before sending that text or email.
  • Pray before the situation arises.
  • If you can worry then you can pray; put your worries in reverse then you have got prayer… so, instead of worrying, pray about it.
  • For example, instead of worrying about the kids your children will grow with, why not pray about the friends he would have and the school he will attend?
PRAY CONTINUALLY (i.e. throughout your day but do it sensibly) i.e. at work, during housework, while doing the dishes but with your eyes open.
  • Prayer is the greatest anxiety-relief ever, the greatest cure for insomnia…pray before sleeping; unburden to approach the new day afresh.
  • We are often too busy to pray, change this without guilt. Be focused and intentional about praying.
Remember, prayer will not make up for your bad choices e.g. weight gain, impulsive buying, failing to prepare before exams…you cannot pray those choices away
  • “You cannot pray your way out of what you have chosen your way into”
  • Prayer is not that ‘get-out-of-jail free card, make your next choice a better choice
  • Prayer purifies our motives, changes our attitudes to make better choices, but you have to want it to pray it.

God bless you.

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